Vincent van Gogh - Haystacks under a Rainy Sky 1890

Haystacks under a Rainy Sky 1890
Haystacks under a Rainy Sky
Oil on canvas 64.0 x 52.5 cm. Auvers-sur-Oise: July, 1890
Otterlo: Kröller-Müller Museum

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

Theo van Gogh to Vincent van Gogh. Paris, Monday, 14 July 1890.
My dear Vincent,
We’re very pleased that you’re no longer so much under the impression of matters being unresolved as when you were here. Really, the danger isn’t as grave as you believed. If we can all have good health, which may enable us to undertake what, in our heads, is little by little becoming a necessity, all will go well. Disappointments certainly, but we’re not beginners, and we’re like carters who with all the horses’ efforts have almost reached the top of the hill, they do an about-turn and often then, with a new effort, they reach the top. If only we were always thinking of that! Today we’re in the middle of packing our trunks to leave tomorrow for Leiden. On Wednesday I’m going from there to Mesdag to talk to him about the Corot, then to Antwerp with a painting by Diaz.

Although the week has now passed, those gentlemen have said nothing as regards what they’re thinking of doing with me. Dries, on the contrary, has proved very cowardly, and seems to be dominated by his wife. He declared quite openly that all I was doing as regards him was to lure him into the apartment below us so as to have his wife as a sort of maid. I cannot believe that that comes from him. However, I didn’t think that his wife was that mad. It’s the second time he’s withdrawn at the decisive moment, and however you were there when we were talking, and he answered me squarely that I could count on him. I can’t understand it except by attributing this hesitation to his wife. Much good may it do him. Enclosed with this letter you’ll receive 50 francs. If I had the good fortune to do business during my travels that would put me even more at ease. Warm regards, old fellow, I’ll probably be back in a week’s time. Warm regards from Jo, and believe me your brother who loves you.