Vincent van Gogh - Head of a Peasant Woman 1885

Head of a Peasant Woman 1885
Head of a Peasant Woman
Oil on canvas 40.5 x 34.0 cm. Nuenen: May, 1885
Otterlo: Kröller-Müller Museum

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

To Theo van Gogh. Etten, second half of May 1881.
My dear Theo,
I’m enclosing a word or two because they’re writing to you, for I thought you’d like to hear from me as well once in a while about what I’m actually doing.
If it isn’t raining, I go outdoors every day, usually on the heath.
I’m making my studies quite large, like a few you saw here during your visit.
So I’ve done, among other things, a hut on Het Heike and also that barn with a moss-covered roof in Roosendaalseweg, which here they call the Protestant barn. Perhaps you’ll recall what I mean.
Then the mill nearby, in the meadow opposite, and the elm trees in the cemetery.
And also one with woodcutters working in a wide open space where a large pine-wood has been cut down. I’m also trying to draw the implements, such as a cart, plough, harrow, wheelbarrow &c. &c.
The one with the woodcutters turned out the best, and I think it would please you.
Perhaps Rappard will be coming here for a while this summer, I’ve had a letter from him.
In thought a handshake, and believe me
Ever yours,