Vincent van Gogh - Cottage 1885

Cottage 1885
Oil on canvas 35.5 x 67.0 cm. Nuenen: June, 1885
Harrison, N.Y.: Collection John P. Natanson

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

To Theo van Gogh. Etten, beginning of October 1881.
My dear Theo,
As a letter is going to you again, I’m enclosing a word in it. I sincerely hope that you’re doing well and will be able to find half an hour to write to me again.
I want to tell you what I’ve done since I last wrote to you.
First of all, two large drawings (chalk and some sepia) of Pollard willows, something like the sketch below.
Also the same, but vertical, of Leurseweg. Then I had a model a couple of times, digger and basket-maker.
And then last week I got a box of paints from Uncle Cent that is rather good, certainly good enough to start with (the paint is from Paillard). And I’m very glad to have it.
I’ve just tried making a kind of watercolour, like the above motif.
I count myself very lucky to be able to get models, I’m also searching around for a horse and donkey.
That thick Ingres paper is especially good for drawing with watercolour, and a great deal cheaper than other paper.
Still, there’s no particular hurry, because I have some on hand, but unfortunately plain white brought from The Hague.
Anyway, you see that I’m hard at work. Uncle Cent will be going to The Hague tomorrow and will most likely speak with Mauve again about when I should next visit him.
And now adieu, have walked far today and am surprisingly tired, but didn’t want the letter to leave without enclosing something.
I wish you well, and accept a handshake in thought.
Ever yours,