Vincent van Gogh - The Old Tower of Nuenen with People Walking 1884

The Old Tower of Nuenen with People Walking 1884
The Old Tower of Nuenen with People Walking
Oil on canvas on panel 33.5 x 44.0 cm. Nuenen: May, 1884
Private collection

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

To Egbert Borchers. Paris, Thursday, 2 September 1875.
My dear Borchers,
Thanks for your letter, which I received this morning and which gave me pleasure. I hope to come to Holland at Christmas and, if I can, immediately to The Hague, and we must then make sure not to miss each other. I’m glad that you still have a passion for reading, that’s always good, at least such books as you read. I still keep it up, too; an employee in our office who has gone on holiday to Holland has just promised to bring me a copy of ‘Motley, Geschiedenis der 17 provinciën’.
As you know, I’m now in Paris; so I’ve wandered rather a lot since we saw each other on my last day in The Hague, and it seems to me that it was a great deal longer than 2 years ago. Warm regards, give my regards to your Mother and sisters as well, and believe me
Ever yours,
V.W. van Gogh

To Theo van Gogh. Paris, Saturday, 4 September 1875.
My dear Theo,
I’m sending you herewith my letter for Ma’s birthday, please enclose it with yours. I’ve bought a book about Michel, with etchings after his paintings; I’ll send it to you as soon as I’ve finished it. Michel, though, isn’t nearly so beautiful as that landscape described in that passage in Adam Bede, which we both found so moving. Bonington, too, almost painted it, and yet that isn’t it either.
When you’ve finished the book I’d like to ask you to give it in my name to Uncle Cor to read, when you have the opportunity of course, though I’m giving it to you. I see the paintings themselves, so naturally you can have the description and etchings after them.
My regards to the Haanebeeks, Carbentuses, Van Stockums, Mauve, Rooses &c. if the occasion presents itself. I wish you the very best. Ever
Your loving brother
Give the book on Michel to Mr Tersteeg to read, too.