Vincent van Gogh - View of a River with Rowing Boats 1887

View of a River with Rowing Boats 1887
View of a River with Rowing Boats
Oil on canvas 52.0 x 65.0 cm. Paris: Spring, 1887
Private collection

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

To Theo van Gogh. Hoogeveen, Monday, 24 September 1883.
My dear Theo,
Today I’m sending a package of 3 studies which I hope are dry enough. However, if they stick to the sheet of paper I laid on them as a precaution, soak them off with lukewarm water. The smallest one, in particular, has sunk in a lot, go over it with the white of an egg in about a week, or some varnish in a month’s time, to lift them. I’m sending them to let you take a look, and better after this — really.
I forgot to reply to what you write about sending the you know what. For the time being would you send a postal order like the last, until I know of an exchange office — deduct expenses, though.

Received a letter from home that Pa had been unwell as a result of a fall — I hope it isn’t more serious than they say. Do you know anything more about it?
Went further into the peat fields last week — marvellous scenes, the longer I stay here the more beautiful I find it, and from the outset I’ll try to stay here in this region. For it’s so beautiful here that at the same time a great deal of study is needed to capture it, and only solid work can give a truer understanding of things as they are at bottom, and of their serious, sober nature. I came across superb figures — but again, a nature that has so much nobility, so much dignity and gravity must be treated with maturity and patience and prolonged work. This is why, in my view, from the outset I mustn’t regard it as just coming to take a look around here, but it’s in the nature of the thing, if all goes well and we’re granted a little good fortune, that I’ll stay for good. Write again soon, won’t you — I’m longing to hear, for despite all the beauty outside I still feel dejected. Adieu, with a handshake.
Ever yours,

My regards to Wisselingh when you see him, and tell him I’m here.