Vincent van Gogh - Olive Grove with Picking Figures 1889

Olive Grove with Picking Figures 1889
Olive Grove with Picking Figures
Oil on canvas 73.0 x 92.0 cm. Saint-Rémy: December, 1889
Otterlo: Kröller-Müller Museum

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

Jo van Gogh-Bonger to Vincent van Gogh. Paris, Friday, 16 August 1889.
Dear Vincent,
We received your letter for Cor and gave it to him this morning because he arrived here very early, at 6 o’clock. We’re so pleased that he was able to break his journey to Southampton in Paris — in all likelihood he’ll be away for a long time, and Theo, in particular, would have been very sorry if he hadn’t seen him again. We started showing him the city straightaway this morning, from place de l’Etoile to place de la Bastille, and he was thrilled with it.
Theo was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a note for him in it — do write to him soon — even if it’s just one little word — we’re so longing to hear how you are from you yourself, and hope so sincerely that you’ll soon feel better again. You don’t know how often you are thought about and spoken of. Ma wrote, too, that she was longing for another letter from you — do you know what Cor brought me from her this morning? — a pair of the sweetest little socks for our little boy (for I still insist that it will be a little boy — even if you mock me for it!).
Do let Theo hear something from you soon if you can — he so longs for it. A warm handshake in thought from
Your loving
Jo Happily, Theo is well again.